未标题-2.jpgZhejiang Zhongyuan Electric Co., Ltd. (ZYEC), established in 1997, is an enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacture of rare earth permanent magnet motors and their driving devices. The company has five series of permanent magnet motor products with more than 400 specifications, a complete range, and the power covers from 0.02kW to 500kW, ranking the forefront of domestic counterparts.

The company has a group of experienced and stable professional and technical personnel. At the same time, relying on high-end electrical technology research and development institutions such as Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, the company has established long-term cooperative relationships; in 2005, a research and development center was established to form a comprehensive and complete research and development echelon with reasonable professional configuration.

Since its establishment, the company has taken technological innovation and quality service as its core competitiveness. It has participated in and led the formulation of a number of national and industry standards, passed a number of management system certifications, and was recognized as the first batch of provincial-level high-tech enterprises.

The company will always adhere to the design concept of "high efficiency, energy saving, and professionalism", and firmly adhere to the corporate goal of "becoming more refined and stronger", taking customer needs as its own responsibility, and constantly pioneering and innovating, to be a leader in the field of permanent magnet motor technology!



Corporate values: trustworthiness, dedication, refinement, innovation.

Common values make us gather under the banner of Zhongyuan. When we become Zhongyuan people, we will:

Keeping promises  It is our professional ethics to treat the company, employees and customers strictly and trustworthy;

Dedication  Only dedicated people have a profession, and only professional people have a career, which is the foundation of our foothold;

Refinement  Down-to-earth and excellence is our development path;

Innovation Technology innovation, management innovation, system innovation

Only continuous innovation can realize our common vision.

Corporate Vision: Committed to becoming the best supplier of permanent magnet motors in the world.

Corporate philosophy: To be better and stronger, to be a leader in the field of permanent magnet motor technology.

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